Jabari Exum

Percussionist, hip-hop vocalist (MC), poet, playwright/actor/director, music producer, teacher, educational / creative workshop facilitator, Music Entrepreneur

Jabari “X-Factor” Exum, is an electrifying performing artist born and raised in Washington, DC. He is a skilled percussionist in the West African / Latin Tradition and is a prolific writer and performer of Hip-Hop music (which he considers his 1st two instruments). Since 1997 Jabari has also been a pioneering artist in a movement called, “Hip-Hop Theater”.   Needless to say, Jabari's approach to everything that he touches is unique & unconventional since he is able to pull from so many different sources. He has been acting, drumming, and rapping since he was 2yrs and has been blessed with the opportunities to receive guidance from some of the greats across many fields of creative study. A few of his mentors have been: Debbie Allen Chadwick Boseman, Reggie & Roy Wooten, Mamady Keita, Grady Tate, Djimo Kouyate, KRS-One, Sonya Sanchez, Glen Turner, Chucky Thompson, Bill Summers Leon Mobley, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Robert Nothern, Mamadi Nyasuma, Baba Barnett, and Marc Cary. 

Presently, Mr. Exum is a member of the Hip-Hop duo ‘Hueman Prophets’ (USA); Farafina Kan (West African Percussion Orchestra) (USA); HHP (South African Hip-Hop Pioneers) (SA); & SAHEL (World Music Ens.).  He is a percussion teacher, writing coach, and a full time musician and song writer, working with artist such as Chadwick Boseman, Raheem DeVaughn , Nova Nelson, Dr. Cornel West & The Cornel West Theory, Larry Mitchell, Tarus Mateen, Mark Cary, Maimouna Youssef, Carolyn Malachi, Dawn Avery, Federico Pena, Weedie Braimah, Michael Bowie, and Ayanna Gregory.  He is the creator of the Underground Mobile Store, ‘Congo Square’ (designed to increase the accessibility of positive, independent artist from all corners of the world). He is proud product of both the Howard University music program and the Duke Ellington School of the Arts.